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Biometrics Questions & Answers


Q: What is biometrics?
A: Biometrics is any technology that uses a unique physical attribute of a
person as the "password" to gain access to a protected location or device.

Q: How does biometrics work?
A: Your finger, iris or other unique body part is first scanned and
digitally stored in the biometric system. Each time you want to gain access,
your finger or iris is scanned again and compared against the stored sample.
If the two match within a preset threshhold, you are allowed access.

Q: What are the most common biometric technologies?
A: Fingerprint identification, hand geometry, iris or retina recognition,
facial recognition, vein patterns, DNA verification and signature
verification are all used.

Q: What is the best Biometrics Technology to use?
A: This is dependent on how and where it's used. Each Biometrics Technology
has its own strengths and weaknesses. No easy answer here.

Q: How well does biometrics work?
A: When used in conjunction with another personal identifier such as an ID
card or badge reader, biometrics is very effective in verifying someone's

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