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Employee Survey Questions & Answers


Why would I need to do an Employee Survey for my business?
How will I sell management on the cost of an Employee Survey?
What is the methodology of an Employee Survey?
What do I do after I receive the results of the survey?

There are many reasons you may want to consider doing an employee survey. Do you know how your employees feel about their jobs, their workplace, their organization? Do you truly have employee “buy in” on the company vision? Are you really sure you know how they feel about the new boss, or upcoming merger or company relocation? All of these are examples of why you might want to consider hiring a professional company to assist you with conducting an employee survey. The most common reasons companies conduct surveys of their employees is to evaluate their feelings or responses to issues such as the following:

Your organization is growing quickly: When an organization is growing quickly, it is critical to find out how employees feel about their jobs, the organization, and their fit and future within it.
High Turnover: High turnover is a problem for any organization. If your company turnover rate is high, you will almost certainly have an employee morale issue to be resolved. Employee Surveys will help you isolate their fears and feelings, and give you the data you need to respond to increase morale.
Coffee Break Rumours: A strong rumor mill is symptomatic of other problems in the organization. These can include communications, trust, and fear. Only a survey can uncover the extent to which any of these issues exists.
Organizational or leadership change: Employee Surveys are a crucial piece of successful change management at work. If not handled properly, productivity and profits can decline.
Highly competitive industry: In a highly competitive industry, turnover minimization and productivity and creativity maximization are keys to success. Staying in touch with employees is necessary to facilitate continued competitiveness.
Changes in benefits or pay: You must know what needs to be "fixed" and how much "fixing" it needs to maximize return on invested money and people resources.

How will I sell management on the cost of an Employee Survey?

Often times, the most difficult part of conducting an Employee Survey is to get the decision makers to understand the need for one. There may be one or two far-sighted managers in your organization who understand the importance of collecting this data, and plan to use the information to create a more productive work environment. However, many managers are skeptical of the time and cost involved in conducting a thorough employee survey.

The irony in this attitude is that the long term profitability of the organization is greatly increased when management has accurate information to assist in making compensation decisions, product launch choices, benefit changes and more. When management is incorporating employee feedback into these important management decision, the organizational morale increases dramatically. Turnover is reduced, productivity increases, and therefore the bottom line benefits.

What is the methodology of an Employee Survey?

There are two primary methods of obtaining your employee survey results, old fashioned pencil and paper, and new employee survey software. While pencil and paper work just fine, new software applications allow for consolidation of data, comparison of results, reports that can be generated on demand, and more. Employees can access the internet and participate in the employee survey in the privacy of their office or home. Their security and privacy are secure at all times.

What do I do after I receive the results of the survey?

The most important action in the Employee Survey process is the decision to act on the results. Once the results have been compiled, there are a number of key steps to take. They include:

Distribute the employee survey results to everyone in the organization. Honest communication of feedback, be it good or bad, increases your morale and teamwork.
Communicate survey results and your action plans. Give the employees a solid understanding of what you plan on doing to respond to this feedback.
Develop action plans to improve employee satisfaction. The goal of an employee survey is to increase employee satisfaction, right? So do that! Take the feedback you have received from your valued employees, and put the ball in motion to improve their work environment or solve their problems.

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