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The Kite Runner
By: Khaled Hosseini

What a intriguing book. A friend gave me this book before I was going on a work trip. I didn't have any specific interest in the subject and took along with me because I had nothing else to read. As it turned out this book moved me and told of a perspective that Americans rarely have of Afghanistan. It seems like a ideal time to have this book available to America , as we are caught in the fear & loathing of the "invisible " terrorist abroad.

The book tells of a story of two brothers living in Afghanistan before the Taliban took control and before the Russians had attempted to occupy it. First the Russians overthrew the existing government and the local Afghanistan's thought maybe things would get a little better, but they didn't. Then the Taliban came along and that is when things became terrible. The Afghanistan's lived a fairly peaceful life up until the evil Taliban came along to dominate and subjugate them. One brother makes it out of Afghanistan right before many of his neighbors and friends are being massacred by the ruthless Taliban. The book reaches it's climax when the the one brother who escaped to America goes back many years later because of a family secret and to rescue his brothers young son.

Final word on this excellent novel is read it! It had me moved to tears a number of times and the story opened my eyes to the desperate situation that is still happening in Afghanistan. Evocative and genuine I highly recommend it.








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